Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Have a question about some of the products sold by Indy Auto Racing but want to get an answer immediately? Below we've compiled some of the most common questions that customers have about the brands and items that we sell:


Who uses professional grade AN fitting and hose?

When a customer wants the most durable, high pressure fuel lines and hoses, they make them out of AN and strong braided hose. 


I want to have the strength and looks of AN fittings and hose, but is the process of making them something that I can handle?

Make up hose and securing the AN fittings to the hose is very straight forward. After one or two creations, you will be a pro. 


Are the fluid transfer pumps made by Flo Fast reliable and easy to use?

Flo Fast pumps are easy to operate, flow large amounts of fuel whether it is to pump fluids into a tank or to drain the tanks of cars, trucks, or boats. The handy carts that are available allows you to move either 15 gallons or 30 gallons of liquid in a safe and efficient manner. 


Why does your website only sell Quick Fuel carburetors? 

Having sold carburetors for 33 years from various manufacturers, we have found Quick Fuel to be the most reliable, properly tuned carburetors in the business.