Cool Down Coolant System Improver 16oz

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Antifreeze / Coolant Additive - MADDITIVE - 16.00 oz Bottle - Each

Manufactured with the ability to reduce cylinder head temperatures up to 50F, provide better heat transfer and lubricate all vital components. Safe for all radiator systems. One 16 Oz. bottle will treat up to 20 quart cooling systems, straight water applications require 50% more Cool Down. Treatments are good for 30,000 miles or one year, which ever comes first. 16 Oz. container. Sold each.

VP Fuel is known for their distinctive plastic fuel jugs, funnels, and accessories designed to handle the rough conditions of track and trailer. VP Racing Fuels also produces a full line of automotive lubricants and fluids, including gear oils, octane boosters, and fuel system cleaners.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review